Do I Need a Separate Antenna for Each TV?

Cord cutting is the new trend among most of the household. People are carrying out intensive research on getting the best TV antenna so that they can watch most of the channels. Surely, there is no doubt in saying that the over-the-air antenna has turned out to be one of the best cord-cutting solutions. With the right TV antenna, you can view most of the local channels in addition to the major broadcasting networks and national channels. One antenna for a TV would mostly solve the problem for that particular room. What if you had more than one TV units? How would you manage just that one antenna for all of those TV units? Is it a compulsion to purchase separate antennas for each TV units?

We have come across these questions among those consumers who mostly have TV in every room. The answer is that you really do not need to have a separate antenna for each of the TV. Just having one antenna would work perfectly fine. There are alternatives that can help in allowing you to make use of just one antenna for all the TV units. Let us have a look at 3-ways on how this can be done.

  • Splitting the Signal: For this you would need coaxial cables running around in the house. Firstly, place just one antenna at an appropriate position in the house and connect it to the coaxial cable. Connect the other end of the cable to the TV. You may wonder, how can this solve the problem of other TV units. So this is where the splitter comes into picture. There are various types of splitters, some would split the signal in 3-ways, four-ways or even more. The only problem with splitter is that, it tends to reduce the signal power hence you may need to get an amplifier to ensure that this setup works fine. It may seem to be messy with the cable and splitter. But you just need to get everything organized properly so that the cable volume does not seem enormous.
  • OTA DVR: We cannot term this as one of the cheapest method but surely it is the best method for this issue. As we all are aware that the OTA DVR records the content to be watched later. This can be done only when the antenna is plugged to it. There are some who make use of the home internet system as well as apps for multiple devices There is a unique kind of OTA DVR box called as Tablo. Simple hook up the antenna to Tablo and it would stream all of the content. But in such cases you would need to get multiple streaming boxes for this method to work. Each TV needs one streaming devices such as Roku or Apple.
  • Unused home wiring: One of the most elegant solutions for your problem. If you ever had a cable or satellite TV in the past then it means that your home is already equipped to distribute free broadcast from one antenna. All you need to find out is where exactly does it connect to the cable company‚Äôs line and disconnect it. Once done, you can connect the antenna to this cable and distribute the signals across the home. This may need some initial research work for locating where the cable of the cable company gets connected to your home. Once you locate the connection, disconnect the signal coming from cable company and connect the antenna anywhere you can see the outlet of the cable TV.